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The european standard

The european standard

Minerva tyres are engineered and produced according to European and international regulations: E-mark, S-mark, REACH compliance, M+S, snowflake symbol.

E-mark certification ensures the minimum EU or International (UNECE) standards in relation to its dimenions, load and speed rating.

S-mark certification, sound marking, certifies that the noise amount complies with EU or International (UNECE) standards.

The REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals by the European Parliament) regulation, which was launched in 2007, restricts the use of chemical substances that have a negative impact on human health and environment. M+S marking is a Manufacturer’s declaration which implies that tread and material are designed in a way that driving performance on mud and snow is better than with normal standard tyres.

The snowflake regulation (three-peak snowflake symbol) requires for snow tyres a minimum of braking and traction performnance on snow.